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Send UNLIMITED emails to 1,000 email subscribers for FREE every Month

Need Help Creating Ads? We can Help!

- Email marketing platform designed for users at any skill level making is SUPER SIMPLE to use


- Email signup forms that can be placed directly on your website 


- Design and create Professionl email blasts in seconds utilizing our easy drag, drop & edit forms


- Create unlimited groups for smarter audience segmentation


- Gain Real-time analytics and insights


Focusing your marketing efforts on existing guests is more profitable

The facts are in...It's probability of selling your product to an existing guest is 60-70%, where new prospects are about 5-20%.  That means with each guest experience we capture we enable your business a greater opportunity to bring that customer back in.  It's also mush less expensive to retain a customer than gain a new one. 


Current business practices show that 55% of current marketing efforts are geared toward new customer acquisition while only 12% of current marketing spend is on customer retention. This presents a tremendous opportunity for our partners. As competitors spend thier money to drive in new guests, we'll focus your efforts to reap the reward of your existing guests generating more dollars for your business. 


Marketing within your 4-walls just makes sense!


Let our professionals create the campaigns for you 

Many clients appreciate that we take pride in helping their grow their business. To us, we are all partners!


We have professional artists and ad creators on our staff that will design a specific marketing message for your buisness. We will then extract all your email addresses we've been building for you, set it up and schedule your campaign to your guests.


Sit back, relax and let us do the work of helping you grow your busines and increasing your return visits.


Your best opportunity is sitting right in front of you.

Guests that come to your business are a great resource. They know your product and service and are more likely to return if you delivered as promised. As guests utilize the patent-pending LYSPER platform we store vital information giving us the opportunity to help you drive these guests back into your business.  Our staff members utilize multiple methods of creating these loyal and repeat customers for you.

  - Increase your guest database

  - Take advantage of your existing opportunity

  - No more printing or typing of comment cards; we do it all

  - We'll deploy multiple methods of building your brand's loyalty


Work smarter, not harder while beating your competition.

Everyone is fighting for customers. With the social media boom, competitors have stepped up thier game.  The fact remains that it's easier for you to regain your guests than it is for them to defect to a competitor.


Studies overwhelingly show the efficiency and cost effectiveness of  retaining existing guests versus capturing new ones.  With monthly email campaigns, you remain relevant to your customers and increase your chances of a return visit. 

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