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Enable your business to re-capture unsatisfied guests

If a guest within your business was dissatisfied for any one reason or another, the liklihood of them returning is low and the likelihood of them spreading bad word-of-mouth is increased. Our real-time feedback delivery system now offers you the opportunity to SAVE the experience.  Statistics show that 70% will give you a second chance if you solve their issue at some point in time but if you do it in real-time, your chances to "Recover the Guest" jumps up to 95%. 

  - Increase return visits

  - Build more loyal customers

  - SAVE the experience

  - Increase your chances of recovering the guest (0% vs 70% vs 95%)

  - Reduce your "BAD" word-of-mouth

Which makes more sense?

1. Taking care of guest complaints at the moment they occur or after they have already left?


The answer is simple, and so is LYSPER!


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