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Do you want to know what guests are really thinking?


 iTrueReview solves a number of issues for the business by delivering guest feedback to your management team within seconds!

           - Problem at table #7? Now you can handle that situation before it goes viral!

           - Food coming out too salty? Address it with the kitchen before the next guest experience.

           - Want to motivate your staff? Share real time feedback from their guests

The faster you know the problems, the faster you can fix them! 


By capturing guest experiences in REAL-TIME:​

  1. Limit negative online exposure

  2. Gain immediate opportunity to "SAVE A GUEST EXPERIENCE"

  3. Capture and share more positive reviews for greater positive online exposure

  4. Ensure your staff is delivering the service you expect to your guest

  5. Ensure your food items are consistent and delivered fresh

If UNDERSTANDING, ENGAGING & PROTECTING your business is a goal; then this is YOUR SOLUTION! Contact us! 



This video is an explainer video on how LYSPER differs from all other online review sites. 


Michael, CEO/Founder of iTrueReivew and restauranteur for 16 years,  grew tired of fake, filtered, and unbalanced reviews.  His determination to stop the 25% of fake online reviews brought him to develop iTrueReview LLC, the most unique online company that looks to grow your business from the inside-out.  Our patent-pending technology, enables us to capture guest feedback ONLY while a guest is still on location, ensuring that we are capturing the TRUTH,  protecting your reputation and helping promote your business by sharing those experiences across several online platforms. 


Overtime, he continues to build LYSPER as a diversified platform that enables you to enhance your business and exceed overall guest satisfaction. 

LYSPER: we're MORE than just reviews!



click below to see some statistics

click below to see some statistics

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Who & How everyone benefits


How important is your guests dining experience to you?

In a room full of guests who may not be satisfied? It's a question you must ask yourselves and a question we can help answer.  Let's face it, unhappy customers will leave your business and not return. They'll tell their friends and maybe even write a negative review online. Why not prevent this from happening and potentially "Save the experience"? With so much competition and choices, restaurants must work harder to deliver that expected dining experience.  

Utilize our platform correctly and we guarantee that your guests:

  - Will receive better service

  - Leave with a positive perception

  - Appreciate you care about their experience

  - Return more frequently

  - and tell others about your business


Do you want better knowledge on how your business is running at ALL TIMES?

Regardless of the size of your business, whether your on or off premises, every owner NEEDS to know the status of their business at all times. IRIS provides you that knowledge & sense of security in real-time.

 - Are your guests happy and will they return?

 - Is the staff well trained or is further training required?

 - What was the overall guests perception of their experience?

 - Will guests refer you to friends, family, colleagues and/or others?

 - Is your business helping itself or hurting itself? 

Currently, it's a guessing game.  Many people think they know and try to guage it from a few conversations, but the data is clear... not everyone shares their experience in person for lack of confrontation but they do on IRIS. We can answer those questions and deliver them to you within seconds. 

Don't just guess your business is running smooth, KNOW IT IS! 


Want to work smarter and more efficient?

There is a lot managers need to do, but their main goal is to protect the owners investment by ensuring guests are happy, staff is attentive and experienced, food is coming out correctly and minimize any issues that may arise. That's a long list of duties! They need a "SIDEKICK" and that's IRIS!  We're another pair of eyes and ears borrowed from the most important people: YOUR GUESTS!  You can't fix what you don't see, but with IRIS your vision will get a lot sharper.  

Managers will become more efficient at:

 - Uncovering issues

 - Ensuring guests are satified with thier service and/or food

 - "Saving the Guest" experience when needed

 - Knowing which staff members need more training

 - Alerting the kitchen when food preperation was poorly exectuted

 - Motivating your staff to produce more through positive guest experiences


How do guests feel about your food?

Chefs spend a lot of time creating new dishes, specials, menus etc, but how are your guests feeling about it?  Perhaps, everything on the line is as it should be but the last order received has product that was sub-par and under your standards.  Why not let your guests make the decision? IRIS helps you capture feedback in real time so you can adjust or address any issues immediately.  The faster you can adjust, the less other guests experience the same thing!  We've caught plenty of issues and mishaps helping chefs enhance/correct their product immediately. Some have changed their recipes and/or brought items back on the menu after being removed based on guest feedback!

IRIS enables you to:

 - Capture real-time guest feedback on your cuisine

 - Know which specials are hitting the mark and which aren't

 - Know if the food is coming out consistenly? 

IRIS answers the questions every chef should be thinking about


Get higher tips and be recognized!

Everyone plays a large hand in the success of the restaurant and staff members are a very integral part of that. Staff member goals should be aligned with owners and management and that's to deliver a great experience to all guests. By doing so, they secure larger tips, increase sales and see more return guests.  Guests begin to further increase thier word of mouth to others about your business. Having an effective and efficient staff is vital to the success of your business and iTrueReview helps in that endeavor by helping you tweak staff activities in order to enhance services delivered to each and every guest. 

By utilizing IRIS, businesses will: 

 - Enhance staff member skills

 - Enable them to receive higher tips (a happier staff is a happier guest)

 - Increase upsells

 - Increase return visits and guest loyalty 

 - Enable management to correct guest issues before they leave

Capture guest feedback in the "NOW" and "PREVENT" issues before they go "VIRAL"

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