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Freedom Menu

Updated: May 16, 2020

Freedom Menu is our response to those guests who want more security and a feeling of safety when dining out.

It was born out of our flagship product, eMenu, an interactive digital menu utilized by guests at the table to enhance their experience, provide them with greater knowledge of your product offerings and to ultimately help your staff maximize sales and increase guest checks.

Our eMenu platform has been in existence for over 10 years, implemented in 15 countries and has had over 1500 restaurant installations. The success of the product has been proven many times with average guest check increases ranging from 6-20% among food and beverage sales.

The Marriott has conducted multiple pilot studies in a number of locations and have found that they were able to increase guest checks from 8-12% in as fast as 90 days vs those customers not utilizing our platform. Testimonial videos and pilot studies can be seen on our website

Freedom Menu now puts your food and drink items in the hands of your clients directly via their own personal device. The way it works is, once a restaurant is setup with layouts, data entry and photography, everything RestaurantMoneyMakers handles for them, a custom QR code is provided to be utilized in various locations such as table tents, posters or attached to paper menus. The customer simply opens their camera, points it at the code, a link request appears and once pressed the restaurants’ menu appears with descriptions, titles, prices and pictures. It’s that easy.

Menus are arranged by category such as wines, cocktails, appetizers, entrees, desserts etc and once pressed the guest has the ability to scroll to see all the items within that category. Once they find something they like, they can press the item and a larger picture of the item appears with description and price. The item is sold!

During the Covid 19 pandemic, RestaurantMoneyMakers has decided to help restaurants by discounting the one time setup by 50% and offer the Freedom Menu platform at a discounted rate. For only $38/week, restaurants have the ability to offer this new and ingenious product putting their food and drink items at the hands of all their guests. With Instagram being so popular, pictures are at the forefront of social media and driving new business, but if your interested, that offer is available to the first 250 NEW accounts that sign on.

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