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by replacing your paper menus today
**We are NOT a POS, QR code or Self Ordering System*
We understand the importance of maintaining your exceptional service. That’s why we won’t alter your approach.  However, we will revolutionize your menu by replacing paper menus with a highly effective & engaging solution that will not only create more memorable dining experiences, but will also increase your average checks, give staff more time to elevate service and provide you the flexibility to instantaneously manage your menus items and change prices in real time

The time to modernize your menu and move into the future is NOW!!

PAPER MENUS vs eMENU: Which is better? 


Why REPLACING YOUR PAPER MENUS makes so much sense...

  • Enhance your guests' dining experience by providing them with a dynamic, modern & interactive menu through the use of professional photography and videos

  • Educate your guests' on Wine Tasting Notes, or create drink pairing allowing them to make more informed choices

  • Give your waitstaff back time to provide better services or tend to more tables 

  • Easily adjust food and drink prices within seconds, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to market changes.

  • No need to print menus or lose ROI until those menus are printed 

  • Efficiently manage your inventory by hiding items that are currently unavailable

  • Promote items with higher ROI, maximizing your sales potential

  • Increase average guest checks in ranges from 6-20% by selling more of everything

  • Enable seamless sharing of menu items on popular social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram for greater experience

  • Boost your online reputation with increased Google Reviews

  • Utilize our professional photos for your website, online ordering platforms, advertising , social media & more

  • Cater to a diverse clientele by offering menus in different languages

  • Reduce Food & Drinks send backs due to waitstaff miscommunication

  • and over 20 additional features to enhance your guest and management services that you MUST SEE!

This is NOT a POS, QR Code or Self Ordering system but a paper menu replacement!

For over 16+ years, we have established ourselves as the foremost providers of iPad menu tablets, leading the industry with our Innovative solutions.
Our success is evidenced by our extensive implementation in more than 15 countries and our impressive track record of over 1600 restaurant installations.
Our comprehensive services cover everything:
EQUIPMENT: No need to invest in purchasing your own iPads. We provide them for you.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Say goodbye to the hassle of taking your own photography. We handle it on your behalf.
MENU DESIGNS: We excel at creating custom layouts tailored to your unique vision. If you can imagine it, we can design it.
DATA ENTRY: We will upload your entire menu
Our expertise extends to both iPad Wine and Food Menus, catering to a diverse range of establishments such as hotels, Independent restaurants, and eateries of all sizes, from small to medium and large, accommodating 20 to 400 seats.
We are so confident in the effectiveness of our solutions that we offer a 90 day NO COMMITMENT TRIAL PERIOD.  Want to give it a try?


  • Cost of Printing Paper Menus

  • Cost of comps due to guests misunderstanding of food & alcohol

  • Cost of price fluctuations while utilizing outdated menus with outdated prices.

  • Cost of staff spending excessive time explaining menu items instead of focusing on creating exceptional experiences  for guests

  • Cost of not educating guests on your beverage program via tasting notes 

  • Cost of missed opportunities to highlight upcoming events, specials or items with higher Return On Investment 

  • Cost of disappointing guests when items are out of stock

*Using paper menus actually hurts your business & prevents you from creating better experiences & earning more money!

Customer Testimonials
          CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS          
Orlando World Center Marriott
How to Increase Restaurant Sales? Increase Restaurant’s Revenue - iPad Menu for Hotels

How to Increase Restaurant Sales? Increase Restaurant’s Revenue - iPad Menu for Hotels

Visit the link to learn about How to Increase Restaurant Sales please check out: The video is all about How to Increase Restaurant Sales valuable information but also try to cover the following subject: -Increase Restaurant’s Revenue -iPad Menu for Hotels -How to increase a restaurant’s income? -How to increase a restaurant’s income? -Increase restaurant’s sales So you wonder what the top reasons are for adding modern-day iPad for restaurants menus to your modern-day establishment. That’s the first reason right there! Here are a few more: -Interactive iPad for restaurants menus increase sales by an average of 20% -They improve customer service and retention -They improve order handling and expediting -They allow for a more sharp focus on customers’ needs -They vastly improve customer awareness and up-selling of menu items -They are more affordable in the long run than paper menus -They are the next evolutionary step for ALL restaurants Which would you rather order food from at the nicest gourmet restaurant you like to frequent: a boring paper menu or an iPad for restaurants menu that is brightly lit, features a touch screen, “call the waiter button,” social media and news feeds, games for kids and articulate and enticing descriptions of menu items, detailed wine, and pairing lists and custom food preparation order specifications? eMenu International’s revenue-building capabilities have already been proven with our current clients. The customer experience is positively engaging. In one test, the total check amounts at tables with eMenu iPads averaged 14% higher than at tables without it