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Timely Guest Feedback Helps You and Your Guests

Getting Instant Feedback

Businesses exist for various purposes; revenue and expansion while customers on the other hand are a group, which are universal. It will depend on the service offering of each business as to which group of customers they will attract the most. As restaurants operate within the service industry, they offer customers an experience, one which relates to indulgence and transcends their expectations. Every time a customer frequents an establishment they will expect it to be of a certain level and will want their experience to be made better. In joining hands, both the customer and the restaurant will gain.

iTrueReview with its unique real-time feedback technology and product offering ensures that both the business and the customer come out of this experience having gained something, an element, an epiphany.

The focus is on both the customer and the business, ensuring that both parties will end the experience with the feeling of having somewhat achieved their prime directive. A majority of restaurants currently utilizing the service will do so with an objective of improving upon themselves, by doing so they will achieve the first point we made above – relating to expanding and earning. The modus operandi that we offer is made simpler by the processes that we put in place. A genuine experience review in our terminology means a timely one, to ensure we encourage that a review is captured at the end of a meal or while the customer is still in your premises. You gain by getting an honest timely review, offering you the best opportunity to capture a true guest experience without the intrusion or awkwardness of asking guests, which many prefer to defer from that type of confrontation. It additionally allows you greater exposure and amplification as it enables you to automatically post real-time reviews across the web on various social media platforms creating a much larger word-of-mouth audience.

Missing out on such an opportunity on the other hand is completely your prerogative. The iTrueReview platform enables instant results and swift action. A review is a reflection of what the customer has experienced and getting it done while the pot is still hot ensures first of all that you get attention, its fresh and top of mind, it gives you a chance to act, either by enhancing your service offering or by improving upon it enhancing the overall experience of each and every guest thereafter.

Would you rather wait till the customer has left? When will they review your business if at all? What do they even think about your business?

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